Wizard Number 1 - Sid Wing

OK, A little about me -

My name is Sid Wing - currently working as "the man of many hats" in the IT Department of a Government Contractor in Huntsville, AL.

I've been involved with computers since I was about 12 years old (and I'm 45 - so you do the math).

I've been around/in the industry since the "stone ages" of the "personal computer" era. While I do hardware, networking, security, and all the rest of the gambit - my first love has always been programming. Finding or hearing about a problem - and then setting about making a way for a computer to solve it is "what it's all about" as far as I am concerned.

While working for an ISP in CT as both their Chief Tech Support Engineer and their in-house web developer - I began searching for an easy way to migrate an Access Database application to the web. After reviewing many products, languages, choices, etc - I stumbled across a server engine / language called "Cold Fusion" with it's CFML (Cold Fusion Markup Language). It was there that I found THE answer to my quest.

I began using "Cold Fusion" (yes, there actually WAS a space in the name back then) around the tail end of 1996, shortly after version 2.0 was released. I've written more CFML code then I care to remember (actually I still have almost my entire code library archived) and I still use it today (though it went from Allaire to Macromedia to now being owned by Adobe). I've watched not only the engine, but also the language (CFML) mature and actually splinter (as there are now multiple CFML Engines - BlueDragon, Railo, etc. just to name a few). Now mind you, I can still write code in ASP, .NET, PHP, PERL, and multiple other languages - but every time I end up coming back to CFML/ColdFusion as my language of choice.

With the advent of two new "cousin" products - FLEX and AIR - My code and applications have come full circle. They went from being desktop and network based - to being web and internet based - to now being desktop based, internet capable applications.

Enough for now... More later!

Sid Wing
Senior Application Developer
Chief Computer Cook and Bottlewasher