HTML5 and Required Form Fields

So... While "reviewing" a bunch of my old "HTML5" training stuff - I came upon this little "gotcha" (as well as a decent - if not sneaky - fix for it).


What is MVC?

While wandering around the Internet - I stumbled upon someone asking for a simple explanation of MVC.


Best JQuery Plug-ins

The folks over at Design Blitz have posted their 30+ Best JQuery Plug-ins" list for October of 2013.


Free Coldfusion 10 and JQuery Mobile Tutorial

As my cohort, Ray Camden, pointed out on his blog:


CF8 and LDAP snippets

Working in a predominately Windows-based network can sometimes make life a bit challenging...

[More] written in ColdFusion??? That's RICH!

I found this link on Simon Horwith's Blog and just HAD to pass it along!!!


For those who aren't already "in the know" or have not already registered - please allow me to take this opportunity to bring you up to speed on THE premiere conference for those in the CF/FLEX/AIR arenas.


CFML Advisory Committee

Sean Corfield has posted an update regarding Open BlueDragon and the CFML Advisory Committee. Please comment on Sean's post if you have any questions.

Please Help

Ray Camden posted an article today to provide a way for all of us to be able to help someone who has definitely gone "above and beyond" for the ColdFusion Community.


Open Source BlueDragon

On Wednesday, December 3rd, it was official! OpenBD Version 1.0 (the Open Source BlueDragon CFML Engine) was officially released!


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