Free Coldfusion 10 and JQuery Mobile Tutorial

As my cohort, Ray Camden, pointed out on his blog:


Much Needed Upgrade...

Well - after a little bit of frustration...


CF8 and LDAP snippets

Working in a predominately Windows-based network can sometimes make life a bit challenging...


DZones ColdFusion Hub

For those who haven't already found it...


Uber Panel of ColdFusion Awesomeness - After Action Report

And so - an INTERESTING panel discussion on a large number of ColdFusion topics.


Uber Panel of ColdFusion Awesomeness

I plan on attending this panel today - so I will blog about it after it is over. For those interested in attending - Ray Camden has posted the URL for it on his blog
Sid Wing
Senior Application Developer
Chief Computer Cook and Bottlewasher written in ColdFusion??? That's RICH!

I found this link on Simon Horwith's Blog and just HAD to pass it along!!!

CFUNITED09 - Day 1 - So Far

Let's start with the pre-conference class:



For those who aren't already "in the know" or have not already registered - please allow me to take this opportunity to bring you up to speed on THE premiere conference for those in the CF/FLEX/AIR arenas.


Query of Queries example on

Jonah Chanticleer has a GREAT article on "Query of Queries" posted over at


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