Good Training for CF Folks...

In case you missed CFUnited, Charlie Arehart has posted a number of the sessions from CFUnited on his UGTV site.

CFUnited - The total picture

Ok - so, as promised, here's my entry for today.



Some have noticed my blog entries have slowed down today - mostly because I've been busier than a one legged man in a butt kickin contest. Rest assured - I'll be blogging my fingers off this evening.

CFUNITED - Day 1 Sessions

After the keynotes, and then the mad race to collect "stamps" at all the vendor booths - It was off to the "sessions". My favorite one was actually a two-part session (before and after lunch) run by Raymond Camden


CFUNITED - Day 1 Keynotes

Michael Smith from TeraTech delivered the first keynote of the morning - addressing what he called current crisis of the day - the recession, global warming, and Web Application Healthcare.


CFUNITED - MiniMAX and more

OK - So... Arriving early (as usual) to the Grand Hyatt (where MiniMAX was being hosted) - I ran into an old acquaintance and all around cool dude/CF Guru - Simon Horwith.


CFUNITED - And So It Begins

Well... I have arrived in DC (after some small adventures that I will relate later) and I'm now prepping to head to the MiniMAX Event. Will fill ya'll in when I return.


We are at the one week mark and counting! CFUNITED-08 kicks off next Wednesday and I found out yesterday that Ray Camden is "extending" his preso on CF8 and Ajax into a 2 PART Preso!



After having studied the schedule of speakers/events for CFUNITED08, I have finally filled up my scheduler with the handy scheduling tool provided on the CFUNITED website.



Yay for ME!!!

My illustrious place of employment has seen fit to send me to CFUNITED this year (after a graphic demonstration of the power of CF for handling a niggling extranet issue they'd been having).

Truth be told - there are very few in the company that actually KNOW what I do behind the scenes to make "miracles" occur. Even fewer realize the hours that my team and I spend troubleshooting, training, building, etc. So suffice it to say that I am ECSTATIC that they are sending me.