While trying to aid a new colleague - and utilizing something I have taken for granted - I realized that not everyone may know this handy little trick.

I am responsible for the management/maintenance/etc of a large number of servers/computers on my work network. Most all Windows Network/Server Admins are aware of and use the Remote Desktop client in their day-to-day operation. It enables us to login to any properly configured computer (from our own desktop) as if we were sitting at the remote computer's keyboard directly.

Apparently, not everyone is aware of the Remote Desktop snap-in that is available for the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) that allows you to have a list of computers that you remote into - and provides a windowed environment to all of them - allowing you to login to multiple remote computers and "bounce" between them.

TechRepublic has published a GREAT article entitled "Customize MMC with the Remote Desktops Snap-in for Windows 7" which walks you through this process. I HIGHLY recommend this article for those Admins that are responsible for multiple servers/computers. You can view it on their blog here: CLICK HERE