Having received my third of fourth e-mail this week from a recruiter - I was a bit confused and perturbed with the latest one I received. So I decided to put out a few "hints" to recruiters/headhunters/etc:

1) If the entirity of your e-mail to me is:

Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss a position in Huntsville, AL


and I have never spoken with you before - chances are you just wasted your e-mail.
2) If you are of Middle Eastern, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, or other strongly accented origin - and you tell me you name is "Bob", "Joe", "Mark", etc - I will probably never do business with you. If you cannot be honest about something as simple as your name - why would I? Not saying ALL of you do this, but when your e-mail address is rashidi@whatever.com and you tell me your name is "Joe"? 'Nuf said...
3) If you can't be bothered to provide me with at least a decent job description - and have at least SOME level of knowledge on the position you are e-mailing me about - chances are you just shouldn't e-mail me.
Sid Wing
Senior Application Developer
Chief Computer Cook and Bottlewasher