And so - an INTERESTING panel discussion on a large number of ColdFusion topics.

For those who don't already know - ColdFusion is an engine that runs on a webserver. It allows people to write web applications in a language called CFML (ColdFusion Markup Language) and it is the language I currently use in coding all my web apps.
This discussion panel pulled together a Grand List of "masters" in the CF Community. Anyone who has been around CF for any length of time knows the name Ray Camden - who was the host for this panel (Kudos and Thank you, Ray, for doing such a great job). Among those on the panel (because I am SURE I will forget SOMEONE) were: Ray Camden, Scott Stroz, Adam Lehman, Mark Drew, Charlie Arehart, Ben Nadel, Jason Dean, Marc Esher, Todd Sharp, Dan Vega, Rob Brooks-Bilson, Brian Kotek, Andy Mathews, and Andy Allan. This is a vast array of CF/CFML Gurus all on one panel.
As this was an "open discussion" style meetup - the discussions ran the gammit; from things like "How do we raise interest in CF in college students/new developers?" and "What is going to be the new 'premiere' ColdFusion Conference?" all the way to "Do we think that Open Source CFML engines are fragmenting the CFML Community?". And, as expected, there were a wide variety of responses from the panel members. In the true traditions of the CF Community as a whole though - while there were differing points of view - it was held to a friendly "agree-to-disagree" style conversation.
For those who were unable to attend - Ray will be posting a link for the recording of the panel on his blog later today. I highly recommend going and, at least, viewing the the recording. Also - we were told to be on the lookout for future Panel discussions.
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