For those who aren't already "in the know" or have not already registered - please allow me to take this opportunity to bring you up to speed on THE premiere conference for those in the CF/FLEX/AIR arenas.

CFUNITED, this year being hosted at the Lansdowne Resort in Leesburg, Virginia, is celebrating it's 10th anniversary. Started originally as a ColdFusion event - it has spread to cover the newer, associated technologies from Adobe - FLEX and AIR. Some have said that they see this as a "watering down" of the once CF ONLY Conference - but I on the other hand still see this as THE event that any good CF Developer needs to attend. The Tracks that are offered are well designed to provide training/experience/exposure to the technologies and people associated with them.
Tracks include: AIR and UI Development, Best Practices, BOF sessions - Informal and discussion topics, ColdFusion (advanced), ColdFusion (basics), ColdFusion 9 and ColdFusion Builder, Topics from Adobe related to the new release of ColdFusion 9 (formerly Centaur) and ColdFusion Builder (formerly Bolt), Configuration,Testing & Deployment, Databases, Flex (advanced), Flex (basics), Getting started with Flex, Frameworks, General Session, "Keynotes, Raffles, and More", Managing Projects, Misc, and OO Development.
Alongside all the training offered through this conference - there is the opportunity to meet, greet, and actually TALK to/with some of the brightest stars in the CF Community - Ray Camden, Ben Forta, Charlie Arehart, and many many more familiar names and faces... The networking and learning opportunities just cannot be beat!