Let's start with the pre-conference class:

My co-worker and I took the "Hitchhikers Guide to Coldfusion" class on Tuesday prior to CFUNITED starting The course was taught by Chaz Chumley - certainly no stranger to those of us in the CF Community.

In typical Windows fashion, during the initial part of Chaz's class - IIS reared it's ugly head being troublesome during its install on both XP and Vista - but we worked through it rather quickly. Being a small class, the team concept of troubleshooting and setup worked well for us. The walkthrough of the Coldfusion install went pretty painlessly. Minus the glitches with IIS7 not wanting to allow CF to configure properly. Through some creative teamwork - Google searching - and Chaz's positive outlook - we got through the installs.

Good quick overview of CF Admin and then into some of the basics of CFML coding. Then into some serious nuts and bolts Q&A.

Day 1
For those who aren't following me on Twitter - here - We started the day with the Opening Keynote - kicked off by Liz from Stellr - and then followed by the Adobe team of Ben Forta - Adam Lehman - Terry Ryan - on all of the new CFBuilder and CF9 stuff coming down the pike.
Terry got to demo (quickly) the whole Flash Catalyst end of the house as well as the CF/AIR application end of the house. After that we attended multiple presos - I attended the Coldbox preso by Luis Majano, then CF9 and PDFs/Forms preso by Jeff Coughlin, Ray Camden's CF and JQuery preso, and finally with Ben Nadel's Advanced Custom Tags preso.
All total - a great day!