From back in the days when the term "computer gaming" did not mean I had to spend $250+ just to buy the video card...

After a discussion at my office, where I realized that my boss and I were nearly the only ones on our team that new what the term "text adventure" meant - I began a quest to find some of my favorite old titles from days gone by. After finding out the the Zork trilogy had been released as freeware, my heart leapt for joy!
Then I found myself wishing to be able share these (and other) great works with my Internet friends across the world! To my amazement, I was NOT alone - Many Z-machine interpreters were spawned in multiple platjorms - including Java, JavaScript, and Flash! So over the next week - in the plethera of spare time that I have (otherwise known as about an hour a day), I began construction of a web site/application to share some of my favorite Infocom games. Using the ZPlet, z-machine interpreter, java applet - I was able to quickly fabricate a nice web front-end while driving the selection engine with MS-SQL and ColdFusion.
Later - I will add-in an interface to allow "members" of the site to upload their own works of Interactive fiction for use with my interface for ZPlet. All-in-all it's been not just a wonderful trip down memory lane, but a great, quick application building experience. For those that wish to try it out, Click Here