Ok - so, as promised, here's my entry for today.

One of the things I have enjoyed at every CFUNITED I've been to - apart from all the wonderfully informative speaker presentations - is the interaction with fellow programmers and DBA's. I spent a good chunk of the evening comparing notes with folks from around the country last night at the networking event. Common problems, shared solutions, just good quality exchange of information and ideas. These are things I've grown to expect as a member of the CF community.

I also enjoy the blog posts that get generated by prominent members in the community as a result of things THEY have seen and heard in the conference.

Ben Forta did quite a comprehensive entry on the newly formed CFML Language Advisory Committee. It's an "in depth" entry.

Ray Camden also has several good posts for today covering a wide range of topics (including something "really cool").

I think the session I found most useful today was Jake Munson's - "Attack of the Spam Bots - Banish Spammers, Keep Customers" session. He covered a number of ways to both detect and deter spammers on your website/web apps. It gave me a couple of new tricks (and some new ways of looking at things) as far as spam prevention.