OK - So... Arriving early (as usual) to the Grand Hyatt (where MiniMAX was being hosted) - I ran into an old acquaintance and all around cool dude/CF Guru - Simon Horwith.

After catching up on life over the past few years, being introduced to Simon Free (another all around cool dude and coder extraordinaire), and wandering down to the little, in-hotel, sports bar (The Grand Slam - highly recommend it - ask for 'Julie' as your waitress) - I hung out with "the Simons" while they prepped their code for their MiniMAX presentations.

One beer and some good conversations later - "the Simons" had ironed out the remaining little issues with their presentation code and it was "off to the races" down to MiniMAX.

After a rather "Gore-y" and "globally warm" intro, the presentations were underway - good coverage of some of the CS4 product line (DW, Illustrator, and the like) as well as presentations on BlazeDS and Lifecycle (Simon H's CF powered Lifecycle demo was an eye opener).

So, now, here I sit at the breakfast venue for CFUNITED 08 - anxiously awaiting the keynotes at 8:30 which will kick-off the event.