Throw the baby out with the bathwater...

In a recent article on PCWorld, PCWorld columnist Erik Larkin makes some "interesting" reports and recommendations...


Query of Queries example on

Jonah Chanticleer has a GREAT article on "Query of Queries" posted over at


The CFJediMaster's Complete Guide to Error Handling

Those who have been in the CF Community for any length of time know the name "Raymond Camden" and "CFJediMaster" are synonymous. I read Ray's Blog regularly - for multiple reasons - but mostly because Ray is someone I consider to be a "real person" along with being one HECK of a programmer


CFML Advisory Committee

Sean Corfield has posted an update regarding Open BlueDragon and the CFML Advisory Committee. Please comment on Sean's post if you have any questions.

Please Help

Ray Camden posted an article today to provide a way for all of us to be able to help someone who has definitely gone "above and beyond" for the ColdFusion Community.


Open Source BlueDragon

On Wednesday, December 3rd, it was official! OpenBD Version 1.0 (the Open Source BlueDragon CFML Engine) was officially released!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a note to wish all who read this blog a Happy Thanksgiving!

O Google - How thou hast failed me...

Some of you may be familiar with Google's "iGoogle" start page that they have offered to users for the last few years...


Bouncin' Burger

LOL - Ben Forta blogged about this, but it truly has to be seen to be believed.


Hmmmmm... No to All

I was scanning through my "morning newspaper" (otherwise known as - when I came across a tidbit I just had to share


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