New Hosting, Headhunters, Job Searches, and more...

Ok - So the move to our new hosting was a huge success and was fairly painless! Many thanks to the folks at VWI and their Web Hosting partners for all their help.


New Hosting in place

We have moved to new hosting!

Computer Geek Nostalgia - Part 2

In a previous post, I had discussed my fondness for the old Text Adventure games produced by a company called Infocom (who were later bought out apparently by Activision).


Veteran's Day

To all those who have, are, or will be serving - Thank You! Happy Veteran's Day!

CFUNITED09 - The Event!

What more can we say than - WOW!


CFUNITED09 - Day 1 - So Far

Let's start with the pre-conference class:


CFUNITED09 - Pre Conference Classes

So - off and running to CFUNITED. My co-worked and I are taking the "Hitchhikers Guide to Coldfusion" class on Tuesday prior to CFUNITED starting - so count on a blog entry, several tweets, and maybe a FaceBook entry regarding that class. It is being lead by Chaz Chumley - certainly no stranger to those of us in the CF Community. These blog entries will continue throughout CFUNITED and I will try to tweet/blog often so that others can keep up with events here.

Need a ticket to CFUNITED?

The folks at CFUNITED have jost posted a blog entry regarding the availablity of some discounted tickets to CFUNITED'09.



For those who aren't already "in the know" or have not already registered - please allow me to take this opportunity to bring you up to speed on THE premiere conference for those in the CF/FLEX/AIR arenas.


Computer Geek Nostalgia

From back in the days when the term "computer gaming" did not mean I had to spend $250+ just to buy the video card...


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