Free Coldfusion 10 and JQuery Mobile Tutorial

As my cohort, Ray Camden, pointed out on his blog:


Handy Article for Managing Multiple Computers

While trying to aid a new colleague - and utilizing something I have taken for granted - I realized that not everyone may know this handy little trick.


Much Needed Upgrade...

Well - after a little bit of frustration...


CF8 and LDAP snippets

Working in a predominately Windows-based network can sometimes make life a bit challenging...


DZones ColdFusion Hub

For those who haven't already found it...


Uber Panel of ColdFusion Awesomeness - After Action Report

And so - an INTERESTING panel discussion on a large number of ColdFusion topics.


The Holidays, E-mail Scams, Etc...

I posted an article earlier today over on Not Rocket Science regarding e-mail scams - but I thought I would expound upon that here...


Headhunters, Job Searches, and more... (Part 2)

Having received my third of fourth e-mail this week from a recruiter - I was a bit confused and perturbed with the latest one I received. So I decided to put out a few "hints" to recruiters/headhunters/etc:

[More] written in ColdFusion??? That's RICH!

I found this link on Simon Horwith's Blog and just HAD to pass it along!!!

New Hosting, Headhunters, Job Searches, and more...

Ok - So the move to our new hosting was a huge success and was fairly painless! Many thanks to the folks at VWI and their Web Hosting partners for all their help.


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