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Computer Geek Nostalgia - Part 2

In a previous post, I had discussed my fondness for the old Text Adventure games produced by a company called Infocom (who were later bought out apparently by Activision).


Veteran's Day

To all those who have, are, or will be serving - Thank You! Happy Veteran's Day!

CFUNITED09 - The Event!

What more can we say than - WOW!


CFUNITED09 - Day 1 - So Far

Let's start with the pre-conference class:


CFUNITED09 - Pre Conference Classes

So - off and running to CFUNITED. My co-worked and I are taking the "Hitchhikers Guide to Coldfusion" class on Tuesday prior to CFUNITED starting - so count on a blog entry, several tweets, and maybe a FaceBook entry regarding that class. It is being lead by Chaz Chumley - certainly no stranger to those of us in the CF Community. These blog entries will continue throughout CFUNITED and I will try to tweet/blog often so that others can keep up with events here.

Need a ticket to CFUNITED?

The folks at CFUNITED have jost posted a blog entry regarding the availablity of some discounted tickets to CFUNITED'09.



For those who aren't already "in the know" or have not already registered - please allow me to take this opportunity to bring you up to speed on THE premiere conference for those in the CF/FLEX/AIR arenas.


Computer Geek Nostalgia

From back in the days when the term "computer gaming" did not mean I had to spend $250+ just to buy the video card...


Throw the baby out with the bathwater...

In a recent article on PCWorld, PCWorld columnist Erik Larkin makes some "interesting" reports and recommendations...


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