Handy Article for Managing Multiple Computers

While trying to aid a new colleague - and utilizing something I have taken for granted - I realized that not everyone may know this handy little trick.


Much Needed Upgrade...

Well - after a little bit of frustration...


CF8 and LDAP snippets

Working in a predominately Windows-based network can sometimes make life a bit challenging...


DZones ColdFusion Hub

For those who haven't already found it...


Uber Panel of ColdFusion Awesomeness - After Action Report

And so - an INTERESTING panel discussion on a large number of ColdFusion topics.


The Holidays, E-mail Scams, Etc...

I posted an article earlier today over on Not Rocket Science regarding e-mail scams - but I thought I would expound upon that here...


Headhunters, Job Searches, and more... (Part 2)

Having received my third of fourth e-mail this week from a recruiter - I was a bit confused and perturbed with the latest one I received. So I decided to put out a few "hints" to recruiters/headhunters/etc:


PHP.org written in ColdFusion??? That's RICH!

I found this link on Simon Horwith's Blog and just HAD to pass it along!!!

New Hosting, Headhunters, Job Searches, and more...

Ok - So the move to our new hosting was a huge success and was fairly painless! Many thanks to the folks at VWI and their Web Hosting partners for all their help.


New Hosting in place

We have moved to new hosting!

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