Dual Monitors

In this day and age - many of us carry laptops. Some of us are "lucky enough" to have a monitor to plug out laptops into - thus giving us a "dual monitor" configuration. But, what happens when the "extra monitor" we have is on the left of the laptop/primary monitor? How many of us have "settled" for sliding off the right hand side of the screen to get to the "left monitor"? There is a very easy solution to this (at least in Windows).


Google Chrome 45+ and Java Applets

I am sure I am not the only one who prefers to use Chrome as their default browser. I am, also, sure that I am not the only one that is frustrated by Google doing away with NPAPI support - which effectively disables Silverlight, Java Applets, etc in Chrome. If you are frustrated too - I have found an answer to the issue!


More on VHD

A "not-well-advertised" fact about Windows 7 and VHDs (Virtual Hard Drives).


Expand a Windows 2003 VHD

I'd been told by a number of IT related people that expanding a Windows 2003 VHD (virtual hard drive) was a complicated process - so I decided to develop a concise set of instructions for others to follow.


Killing Tasks - Not Killing Time!

How many of us have spent FAR too long trying to kill rogue tasks - in either Windows, OSX, or Linux?


Much Needed Upgrade...

Well - after a little bit of frustration...


The Holidays, E-mail Scams, Etc...

I posted an article earlier today over on Not Rocket Science regarding e-mail scams - but I thought I would expound upon that here...


Headhunters, Job Searches, and more... (Part 2)

Having received my third of fourth e-mail this week from a recruiter - I was a bit confused and perturbed with the latest one I received. So I decided to put out a few "hints" to recruiters/headhunters/etc:


New Hosting, Headhunters, Job Searches, and more...

Ok - So the move to our new hosting was a huge success and was fairly painless! Many thanks to the folks at VWI and their Web Hosting partners for all their help.


New Hosting in place

We have moved to new hosting!

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