Those who have been in the CF Community for any length of time know the name "Raymond Camden" and "CFJediMaster" are synonymous. I read Ray's Blog regularly - for multiple reasons - but mostly because Ray is someone I consider to be a "real person" along with being one HECK of a programmer

Normally, however, when I am reading his blog - I am reading whatever article/post caught my attention. Today I was actually just "wandering through" his blog - and FINALLY noticed the "Links" section over on the left sidebar. Upon reviewing the links - one in particular caught my attention. It was entitled "Complete Guide to Adding Error Handling to your CF Application". After reading the post - I have added it to my "Mandatory Reading List" for up and coming CF Programmers (I end up training all the new programmers that my company hires). I recommend this for ALL LEVELS of CF Programmers - because even I picked up some things I could be doing differently/better from both the post and its accompanying comments.